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FireAlpaca Gratis

A free image editor with great potential

FireAlpaca is a free image editor that lets users create and edit digital images from the comfort of their desktop.Like other free photo editing programs such as Photoscape, FireAlpaca includes a variety of different tools that let you view, optimize, edit and print your digital images.Although it's not quite as comprehensive as a paid photo editing program like Photoshop, FireAlpaca comes with a surprising amount of tools, some of which include a color picker and a good variety of special effects and filters.FireAlpaca's interface is easy to navigate and simple to use if you are familiar with photo editing at all. If you're a beginner, it might take some time to figure out which features do what to your photos. This will just take a bit of experimenting on your part. Fortunately, FireAlpaca also provides helpful tips and hints via pop-up on occasion if you need them.FireAlpaca makes its money to continue developing the program through advertising. While it's a necessary evil, it can be a little annoying to have to deal with ad pop-ups every time you launch the program.For a free alternative to Photoshop that lets you edit and customize digital images with ease, FireAlpaca is a solid option.'

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